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Sea Fishing

Welcomes you to what was our Online Directory of Sea Fishing Bait Suppliers around the UK.

Unfortunately due to new EU Data Protection rules (GDPR) we no longer supply details of any shops/bait suppliers.

You can still have a look through our articles on sea baits and check out our link to a website about sea fishing in and around Whitby, North Yorks.


Land Mark Decision - No More Discards!
You can read all about it HERE

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Black Lug | Sand Eels | Mackerel | Blueys | Mussel | Squid | Peeler Crab | Razor Fish | Calamari Squid | Loligo Squid | Crab Cart | Herring | Hermit Crabs | Prawns

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Black Lug | Blow Lug | Ragworm | Peeler Crab | White Rag | Maddies | Hermit Crabs

Whatever your needs, whether it be Fresh or Frozen Sea Fishing Bait you need look no further than here.
Most of the suppliers do a 'next day' delivery service, so there's no excuse not to be able to partake of your favourite pastime.  As if you needed one anyway!



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At Sea Fishing Bait we strive to put you in touch with the best diggers/suppliers of fresh & frozen sea fishing bait in and around the country.  Just follow the links above to find a supplier near you or close to where you will be fishing.

Some will be suppliers to the fishing industry and some will be tackle shops with a good constant supply of bait.

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If you would like to read an article on Top Cod Baits, Crab Baits or on Cod Fishing or Popular Cod Baits, maybe an article on Bass Fishing, take a look at the links, you may find them helpful and useful.

The 'Crab Bait' article has a very useful link showing how to prepare and present Peeler Crab properly on the hook.




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