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Advertise your bait, services, banners or website with Sea Fishing Bait UK.

You could advertise with us for less than 39p a week!

All adverts are placed for you BEFORE you pay for them.
Only when you are satisfied with your advert will you be asked to pay.
If you are not satisfied then you simply don't pay and the advert is removed.

The Advertising options offered are:-

Advert 1

£19.99 per year (less than 39p per week)... WHAT YOU GET...

Advert made to your satisfaction, containing:

  • List of bait sold by you and any other services offered.
  • Text description of your choice.
  • Contact details - name, address, telephone, fax and email
  • One image placement.
  • Placement of your advert (one) in any section of the website of your choice. (See Example of ADVERT 1 below)
  • Two links to your own website if required. (Could be one to your 'home page' plus a link to your 'bait page')

Webpage 2

£24.99 per year (less than 50p per week)...WHAT YOU GET...

The above advert PLUS....

  • An independent WEBPAGE dedicated to your business, with your own www.seafishingbaituk web address for you to use to promote your business and send your customers to.  Perfect for those who don't have a web presence on the internet at the moment.
  • Free hosting of the page for a year.
  • The url would look like this
  • You are able to use this web address (url) in your emails, any promotional material you send out or to advertising in the media.
  • Your Banner/logo if you have one. (We can make a banner for you, a small charge is incurred).
  • A description of your website and/or description of services offered. (See EXAMPLE of WEBPAGE 2 below.)
  • Your contact details - name, address, telephone, fax and email.
  • 2 photo/images. (Supplied by you).
  • A link from your advert to your webpage on this website then further links to your own website if needed.
  • If you have your own website then we would place two links on your webpage (see above) to allow your customers to visit your website.

Unlike a lot of other sites we WON'T place any Google AdSense or any other type of advertising on your paid-for dedicated webpage.
You don't want others advertising the same products as you on your own webpage!

EXAMPLE OF ADVERT 1 (for those that don't require a full dedicated webpage)

EXAMPLE OF WEBPAGE 2 (for those that want/need an internet presence or to help your own website promotion)

£14.99 per year... BANNER ADVERTISING ...

Banners can be used to promote your website or webpage as a link.  The Banner could be placed on a 'Traffic Generator' website etc to act as a link to drive 'web traffic' to your website/page.  They can be far more effective than just plain 'text' links.

We can design and host your Banner for you.  This way you would only need to place a link on another site back to your banner being hosted here and your banner would show on the other site.

An example is below, just click on the banner

whitby sea fishing banner (graphic)

If you want more information about Banner Advertising then please email us at


This will be placed on the page in the category of your choice in alphabetical order below Paid-for adverts
This will be a free text insertion which will include your business name and address.

In exchange for a free listing we require a link to on your website.

For a free basic listing, place a link on your website to then email us at Links.
Upon receipt of your email and verification, your free listing will be placed on our site.

The link to our website must be accessible and not, 'hidden'.

All Adverts are subject to review and acceptance at the sole discretion of the owner of

We reserve the right to accept or reject any advertising within any category.

What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose.

Thank you for your interest.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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